"I've got it installed.  It was quite easy and looks like it'll serve its purpose.  I hoisted my 190 lbs. off the floor!

...I'm happy with what I got.  Good customer service nowadays is like a breath of fresh air.  Your product does 
what it is supposed to and the price is fair.  Thanks again"


Regarding another manufacturer's hoist:  "The front dips down. It's not balanced correctly. The adjustment would be hard to do because the loops are triple stitched and the material is really thick. Good luck selling yours, it's got to be an improvement. It looks neat.   ...much better design"

-Roadfly message board post 

"The project is done and the top is finally off my Z!

In my opinion your design is very functional and yet simple and that is a good thing.  Not having to run a strap under the top before and after lifting makes it a true one man operation.

  ....I would also like to be a reference for your future customers.  Please feel free to share my email with your future prospects....

Thank you again for the hoist and for the time you spent customizing your design.  It has been a great pleasure working with you on this."


"I do like the design better than the [competitor's] design which I've currently got and hope to switch to yours sometime next week.

...I am more than satisfied with your design...  Thank you again for a solid product!"


"...may I take the opportunity to wish you continued success with your innovation - appreciated by hard top users!"


"I am very happy with the system and more so with your excellent response to the adjustments.

Thank you,

A very satisfied customer"


"Thank you so much Matthew.  I very much appreciate your great customer service!"


"I FINALLY found the time to install the lift today. It works great and I would not change a thing on the equipment. It works really great."


"Matt, I received my hoist yesterday...it looks very well made.  Thank you."


"Thank you for the fast response Matthew, this is outstanding service considering it's a holiday weekend, I thought you would be out cruising with the top down."


"At first I intended to design and construct the entire hoist myself, but I figured that it would cost me about the same money as buying yours...

I received the Top-Hoist on Monday and installed it Tuesday night.

...I am extremely pleased with the hoist and my good luck regarding its placement. :-)  "


"...Hopefully this will give you what you need.  I appreciate very much your willingness to work with me on this.  thanks"


"Thanks for the info. I will order sometime next week when I get home next week; this looks like a perfect solution for a space limited garage."


"Thanks Matthew for checking again. I think it would be ok, like you said I will move the car forward after or before I raise or lower the hard top [due to a low garage ceiling]. I cannot wait to store the hard top back and forth. Please go ahead. 

The communication shows that I decided on the right provider. Thanks again."


"Of all the hoists, pulleys, and systems I've researched in the past couple months, (there have been several) yours seems to be the most logical and easy to use.  I just happened across it last night as I was about to order another, but didn't feel like it was the right fit.  Hopefully you have one that fits right :)"


"Hey Matt,

The hardtop is working out great. It makes the car look great, and really helps keep the road noise down.  By the way, that Highway 94 was a real treat driving home.  I just wish I knew it better.  It would have been a blast.  I followed another Bimmer that seemed to know the road, but I could not keep up with him because I was unfamiliar.

I now need to consider the hoist you have designed. I took the top off last weekend, and stored it in my basement.  It was not a fun process getting it down the stairs. 

Anyway, I am interested in getting one of your hoists..."


"Thank you very very much, I really do appreciate your assistance and now that I have seen the quality of this setup, I will certainly recommend this to many of my friends.
...I truly think you have an outstanding product, and a great innovation over the [competitor's] winch!"


"Hi- Matt

Just wanted to let you know I just placed my order for your electric hoist.

Thanks for your assistance and information. Based on what I read and hear folks like yours quite a bit.

I'm sure I will too as I injured my shoulder and had surgery and this will help my wife and I enjoying changing our T-Birds Top as often as we like-"


"Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Man, you give incredible customer service! I think we’ll be OK, because only the t-bird will be parked under it, and it’s not problem to pull out of the garage before lifting the soft top."


"Matthew, I installed the top-hoist this weekend.  It works great!  I have attached some pictures to show you the install.  At the suggestion of my neighbor, I mounted the lift high in the rafters to allow me to lift the top to the bottom of the trusses. Works great and really keeps the top out of the way. I was going to look for a boat winch to use on the wall, but the cleat is more than adequate with the pulley system.  Great solution!  Thanks, Chris"