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If you are ready to order a hoist, please read these policies before proceeding to the ordering page.

Contact Us:​  

If you don't understand anything mentioned in the policies below or stated on our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, please contact us.  Our customer service email address is [email protected].

We utilize email as our primary means of communication because of its efficiency.  The nature of this business often includes questions on the part of the customer, and getting calls at various times of the day interrupts our work and is often redundant with questions that are answered here and on our FAQ page.  Also, with email there's the ability to include images that make things more understandable.  

Shipping Policy:  

We strive to ship or products to you in a cost-effective manner.  We charge $49 shipping for the rope hoist, $59 for the winch version, and $79 shipping for the electric hoist. These are shipping charges to the lower 48 states.  We don't sell our hoists outside the 48 contiguous US states or internationally due to costs, duties and documentation that make the process more difficult.  We go with one price for shipping each product for the sake of simplicity and efficiency.  We save a few dollars on shipping to some destinations and lose a few dollars on others, but pretty much break even over all.

We do not ship next-day or 2nd-day due to the costs involved.  You should generally expect to receive your hoist within 7-14 days from the time you place your order.  If there are any delays in preparing your hoist for shipping, we will notify you right away.

We ship all our Top-Hoists in durable cardboard tubes or boxes, therefore, damage during shipment should be rare.  However, if upon receiving your hoist you notice damage to the equipment, contact us right away.  All our shipments are sent insured, and this should cover our costs.  We'll send out the replacement hoist promptly.

Returns/Satisfaction Policy:  

If upon receiving your hoist you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us right away.  We want you to be happy with your purchase, and we'll work to solve any problem you might have encountered.  In the event we are unable to satisfactorily solve the problem, you may return the hoist to us assuming:

1.  All parts are returned to us undamaged
2.  You pay the return shipping with tracking
3.  No more than 30 days have elapsed since the original order

Once we receive the returned top, we will then refund the full amount of your original purchase price, using the same form of payment that was used in the original transaction.

Privacy Policy:  

We realize you don't want your personal information given out to others, and we promise that we will never do so.  Your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address will only be used in the processing and shipping of your order.  This information will not be sold to anyone else.

Liability / Warnings:  

We provide detailed online instructions once your order is placed, and as an integral part of these instructions we stress the importance of safety when installing the hoists.   

The instructions must be read, understood, and followed precisely.  If you do not understand something you've read, contact us right away before proceeding with the installation.  [email protected] is the contact email, and you'll generally receive a reply within several hours.

We have designed and assembled these hoists with a keen eye toward the weights and forces exerted during the lifting process. We've utilized components that are rated to withstand forces far greater than would be expected for this application.  This gives you an added margin of safety, and the confidence that the hoists should not suffer mechanical failure.  

There is, however, inherent danger when dealing with this type of product.  We cannot be held responsible for poor installation.  In particular, all hooks, cleats, and electric motors must be securely bolted or screwed into substantial wall and ceiling studs, and these wooden beams should be free of dry-rot or insect damage.  

Your work area must be clear of pets or children in order to ensure their safety.  We are not liable for any damage or injury that occurs because the instructions were not followed correctly or because of poor judgment.  

Please also understand that parts may weaken or become worn over time and with use.  In particular, if you accidentally try to raise the top without first releasing hardtop clamps or bolts to your car, weakening of hoist parts may result.  Inspect the parts of the hoist periodically, looking for bends or cracks in metal parts, and fraying of textile parts, to be sure that the hoist system is in top working order. Should replacement parts be needed, feel free to contact us.

If you have any concerns about your specific installation let us know before going further and we will provide assistance.  We've helped step many customers through their installation and have a lot of experience with unusual circumstances.  We're happy to help.

Thank you!