The Manual Hoist:

This is the simplest and least costly solution, and frankly, most owners would be quite satisfied with this choice.

A 5:1 block-and-tackle compound pulley reduces the effort of lifting the top, so that nearly anyone can handle the task.  All component duty ratings greatly exceed the weights and forces exerted--assuring you safe and easy operation. 

A padded metal rod running beneath the window trim protects your car against dings or scratches when using the hoist.  A wall cleat is provided to secure the rope once the top is lifted.

One feature of our design that sets it apart from other hoists are the rubberized hooks that truly make this the easiest hoist to use.  No straps running beneath the top that need to be 'unthreaded' after mounting or 'rethreaded' before lifting.  With our hoist, it's as simple as placing the hooks in position prior to lifting, and sliding them out after lowering. 

Another important difference between our hoist and others is that ours is adjustable.  The buckle allows for precise tilt of the top, so that it lowers cleanly and evenly.

This hoist is priced at $179 plus shipping.
The Electric Hoist:

The premier lift for those who want uncompromised quality and ease of use.  The electric motor is mounted on the ceiling, and has corded remote control and automatic shut-off when maximum height is reached.  There is no worry about losing your grip with the electric version.

This hoist also has the advantages that the manual hoist has:  The metal rod with padding, rubberized hooks, and adjustable buckle. 

And again, all component duty ratings greatly exceed the weights and forces exerted during the lifting process.

This hoist is priced at $349 plus shipping.

Manual and electric lifts for your convertible's hardtop